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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

do you tolerate or try to tame teen texting?

When one of my mom friends shared that her teen daughter sends an average of 5,000 text messages a month. OMG, I was floored! I seriously doubt I had a total of 5,000 conversations in a year when I was her age.

Did you see in the Jan. 7 issue of The StarPhoenix that we have a Saskatoon teen competing for $100,000 in the "World Cup" of texting this week in New York City? She's been giving her thumbs quite a workout in preparation, averaging 4,200 texts a week.

There are plenty of reports out there on the perils of too much texting including poor spelling, inferior writing skills, insomnia, lacking attention spans, anxiety and repetitive injury. So, I was intrigued by a headline in today’s issue of The Saskatoon Sun that promises, “Texting can enhance kid’s reading abilities.” It cites studies such as this one from the UK that find developments in phonetics and spelling exploration.

Weigh in Sask Moms . . . what are your opinions about children's texting habits? Do you have texting rules for your kids? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

TTYL (talk to you later, for the non-texters)


  1. In my opionion, texting is a huge issue and it's negatives far outweigh the positives. I didn't look at the link you included which offered up a UK study on it's positives, but I think kids are going to suffer socially from overtexting. Is that a word?

    Unless kids grow up in a home where someone is teaching them to look people in the eye, shake with a firm grip, and follower your employer's lead by watching his body posture, they are going to be disadvantaged. It's not enough to be a computer wiz or a brilliant, engergtic rockstar. People skills are SO important.

    There was an editorial in our local newspaper about a mom with teenaged kids. They were brought up with what she called "traditional" values (no elbows on the table, asking to be excused etc.) They were dining in a restaurant and both children began texting under the table while they waited for food to be delivered. The mom was horrified. First because they were being rude at the table and in public, but secondly, because these well mannered children didn't even recognize the texting as rude. They simply didn't know. Sigh... It's an uphill battle. Right now I have two girls under age two and they will NEVER have cell phones. Or boyfriends. Or friends. They will have chores. :b

  2. Too bad I can't edit my comment. It's late. Babies were crazy and there's no spell check on this thing.

    Excuse my "it's". I suck.


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