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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

10 things to do during a car nap

In a picture-perfect world, naptimes are non-negotiable daily rituals that are scheduled with ink in our planners. In reality, naptimes regularly shift, and we parents have things to do and places to go.

Children often succumb to the soothing rhythm of the road while out and about, especially if it is close to naptime. In the first few months of life, a baby can easily be moved from place to place while still asleep in their car seat. As babies grow, however, they become less able to snooze through any sort of transfer from the car.

In order to prolong a restorative napping opportunity, parents often find themselves trapped in their vehicles during car naps. Here are 10 things Saskatoon parents can do during naptimes in the car:

1. Drive to a nearby park, lock the doors, lean your seat back and nap yourself!

2. Take an audio-guided tour of Saskatoon.

3. Keep a book, magazine, crossword puzzle, Soduko, knitting project or mini manicure set in your diaper bag or glove compartment for opportunities such as this.

4. Drive down Sask Crescent and enjoy the view of the river and the beautiful old homes.

5. Go through a Tim Horton’s drive-through for the beverage of your choice.

6. Treat your car to a drive-through or hand-wand car wash.

7. Stay in your car while you top up your tank at one of the full-service gas stations around town.*

8. Do your banking at one of the drive-up ATMs around town, such as TD Canada on 8th Street.

9. Scroll through your phone’s contact list and call someone with whom you haven’t spoken to in a while.

10. If you’re running short on time, park in your garage (with the engine off, of course) or in the lot of the next indoor errand you need to run so you’ll be ready to go right in when your little one awakes.

These are just a few ideas for Saskatoon parents who are stuck in the car with a napping child. Share your ideas in the comments section below.

-- Laura Monchuk for

*Editor’s Note: I recently was asked to come inside to pay at Fas Gas on Broadway because of a new policy to curb credit card fraud. Another customer reported the same request at Shell on 8th, so this is evidently becoming a trend in policies. When I explained that I had a sleeping baby in the car, the Fas Gas attendant agreed to complete the transaction without me having to leave my vehicle.

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