Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

homestead ice cream & cappucino

822 Victoria Avenue

This locally owned ice cream parlour might be a good place to take older children for creatively churned homemade ice cream, but steer clear with your strollers! They are strictly prohibited indoors or on the patio, even on cold days when few are in the market for a chilly cone of their delicious Meewasin Mud.

Also, read the experiences below about how strict they can be about children's fingerprints on the glass. While children are not prohibited, it sure seems as though they aren't very welcomed.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this locally owned business?


  1. Homestead Icecream does not allow strollers in their establishment, and they just built a new building, so they certainly could accommodate this. Basically, they don't even want children in the store; they will speak to you very sternly if your children even touch the glass. You pretty much need one adult per child so you can pick up your child to see the icecream, and even then they will give you dirty looks. This is not their employees, this is the owner. I feel badly for single parents who think it is child-friendly, then must leave their stroller outside, with all the bibs, wipes, etc. necessary for an icecream outing.

    They also do not allow bicycles anywhere near the building. My sister went with a university friend and witnessed a man in his 20's getting yelled at for setting his bike near the fence in the outdoor eating area...I don't blame him for wanting to keep an eye on his bike while eating. The owner himself came out and yelled at him.

    Many people I know have had the same experience and boycott this restaurant. Our experiences are not unique. There have been articles in the Star Phoenix.

    I think the owners want customers who are in their 40-60's, no children, foot traffic only. I guess if they are willing to take a cut in business, it is their right to allow which customers they want. I do not like to go there and pay to get treated disrespectfully; I will take my business elsewhere. I take my children to the little icecream stand beside the Broadway Theatre.

  2. I've only had good experiences here, however, i haven't tried to take a stroller into the store. Their frozen yogurt is to die for! Its usually quite crowded, but the lines move quickly! They've been patient with me while me and my daughter tried to figure out what to order and I've never felt as if my children shouldn't be there. I'd encourage people to try it out and see what experience they have and decide for themselves if the ice cream is worth it!! If you haven't been there before and want to try the ice cream/frozen yogurt before you go the the store,they always have a booth at the Taste of Saskatchewan in the summer. Strollers are welcome!

  3. I think that it is outrageous that they do not allow strollers. I know that strollers can be big and annoying but it is an ice cream joint after all!

    I have not tried to take a stroller in but I did get a very negative vibe the last time I was there with my daughter. She was making handprints on the bricks on the patio with the water that was dripping from the hose that was right next to our table. I can assure you she wasn't bothering anyone (besides the owner).

    It's too bad!

  4. The ice cream doesn't even compare to Regina's Milky Way, so why bother?! I had ice chunks (a sign of thaw/refreeze) on the two occasions I visited, and don't care to go back.

  5. There is also a question of hygiene practices. When I was there I watched as the worker washed the table with a rag, then served an ice cream cone without washing inbetween or putting on plastic gloves nor using a serviette to pass the cone on. My friend questioned the worker about the practice and was told it was not in their policy to use gloves or serviettes for transferring.

    I'm not sure I want someone handling my food like that. I will not be going back.

  6. I agree the owners and staff treat people horribly. It's an Ice cream place for cryin out loud! Children should be the first people they cater to! They seem
    Pretty full of themselves and are going to lose a lot of business!


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