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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Snowman Shape Sorting Craft

Snowman Shape Sorting Craft

I've been following local mom Leah Tyree on Instagram @hotcoffee_creativekids for at least a year now. Leah regularly shares seasonal crafts she creates to spark creativity, to promote learning through play and to occupy her three little ones so she might drink her coffee while it's hot. Not a particularly crafty person myself, I'm always so inspired by the originality and beautiful simplicity of her crafts for kids. In fact, I was so inspired that I asked if she'd share some of her ingenuity with us on, and she graciously agreed! Enjoy! 💗Laura, aka Saskmom

Snowman Shape Sorting Craft
by Leah Tyree, aka @hotcoffee_creative kids on Instagram

How easy is this activity? Grab some painter's tape and construction paper, and you've got yourself a coffee-sippin’ good time!
I start this activity by making my snowman: just three shapes using painter's tape on any hard surface. I used a triangle, circle and square for my 2-year-old, but you could use a hexagon, pentagon or octagon for an older child and have them count the sides of the shapes and match that way, too!

Once the snowman body is taped to the floor, I simply made a quick snowman head using white paper, coloured construction paper and glue. I tucked some tape under the head to secure it to the floor.
Now it's time for the snow, aka white circles, squares and triangles.
Pro Tip: You don't have to cut out individual shapes. Instead, layer the white paper to cut out multiple shapes at one time.  
The first time you do this activity with your toddler, only make a few of each shape -- maybe three to five. This will prevent them from being overwhelmed during the activity. If they seem to really be engaged and loving it, you can always add more. I sprinkle the shapes on the ground for them to collect and sort into each snowman shape.

The first time you do this activity, you might present it by saying, “Can you fill the snowman’s tummy with snow?” Let them fill the snowman however they choose. Maybe they will put the shapes in the right place and maybe they won't, and that's ok! Even if they are incorrect in their sorting, this is a good introduction to shapes.

Continue with affirmations such as, “Good job grabbing a circle! You chose to put it in the square.” As you repeat this activity, slowly they will start to associate which shapes match and will begin sorting them accurately.
I always want my little one to feel successful after learning through play! The learning will come naturally with repetition, especially if they feel successful each time. Maybe today they matched only a few correctly, but they had fun. In my mind, this is the most important part about learning. 

Their little brains are processing shapes throughout the activity without them even realizing it! If they enjoy themselves, they will be excited to do it again, and slowly you will notice the concept will click!

Follow Leah on Instagram at @hotcoffee_creativekids for more educational play and creative crafts ideas.    

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