Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

mommy connections program launch

mommy connections program launch

Saskatoon's newest post-natal program is kick-starting April 29, and there is still time to register . . . at a special discounted price!

Mommy Connections is geared toward parents of babies under 12 months of age, providing contemporary education and lasting connections. The weekly post-natal sessions focus on issues like post-natal fitness and health, nutrition for mom and baby, infant massage, dental care,  returning to work, baby wearing, breastfeeding and the hottest mom and baby classes. Parents will also enjoy refreshments, swag bags, door prizes and plenty of time to get to know each other. At the end of the eight-week program, moms are encouraged to continue meeting and providing mutual support.

Bob (Roberta) Cain, a local mom and director of the Saskatoon Mommy Connections program, said she was one of the last parents to participate in the Health Region's Parent Talk before its funding was cut nearly three years ago. Since that time, she has been seeking out opportunities to connect local parents.

"When I heard the Health Region's post-natal programs were being cut, I was devastated for all the new parents that were going to miss out on that support and education,” Bob said. “So, I am thrilled to be able to bring the Mommy Connections program to Saskatoon now. It isn’t just about the typical post-natal topics, but also incorporates new research, natural parenting and being environmentally conscious." 

The inaugural Saskatoon Mommy Connections sessions run Fridays between 10:30 a.m. and noon, April 29 through June 17, at the Cliff Wright Library in the Lakewood Civic Centre, 1635 Mckercher Drive, Saskatoon. Because one of the primary goals of the program is to make connections among parents, parents must sign up for the classes on or before the first session. In other words, these classes are not available for drop-in.

The online registration cost is $80 for eight weeks. As a special offer to followers, Bob is offering a $10 discount for parents who register online, but pay in person, mentioning the discount. (So, in other words, register online but don't pay until April 29 to save $10 on your registration.)

E-mail Bob, call 306-492-2660, or visit the Mommy Connections web site for more information.

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