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the smiling mask

the smiling mask
According to the Saskatchewan Maternal Mental Health Group, one in five women in Saskatchewan experience depression in pregnancy or postpartum.

Three sets of Saskatchewan parents have shared personal, poignant stories about their journeys with postpartum depression in a book and documentary called The Smiling Mask: Truths About Postpartum Depression and ParenthoodThe book and documentary was created to increase awareness and acceptance of, and assistance for, those suffering with postpartum illnesses. The goal is to shed light on the realities many families face when their lives are affected by depression following pregnancy, birth, miscarriage or adoption.

The Smiling Mask DVD premiere will be held May 7 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Broadway Theatre. Saskatchewan Filmmaker Dianne Ouellette has captured the raw emotions of three families as they battled postpartum depression in this 40-minute documentary. A question-and-answer period with The Smiling Mask team and husbands will take place after the DVD screening.

Tickets may be pre-purchased for $7 at under the "Order Now!" tab. You may also purchase a copy of the book and documentary online. More than 1,000 books have been sold to date, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the team's charities of choice.

The organizers hope to have 100 people in attendance for the DVD premiere. Click on the "Share" button below, and pass it on.

P.S. If you think you might be depressed, please talk to someone -- your doctor, nurse, midwife, family, friends, or a support worker. You may also gain support and perspective through these local resources.


  1. This is great to see! I am certain it will be a great resource! I suffered from post-partum and any additional information is always welcomed.

  2. I myself have just been diagnosed with post-partum depression and it is nice to see acknowledgement and support in the community.

  3. Thank you for sharing, and good for you for seeking help. You're certainly not alone. Hang in there. The clouds will part.

    Check out my exclusive offer for Facebook fans. I would be honoured to have you accompany me to this premiere!

  4. Laura, thank YOU for such a well written article! You make us look impressive ;) Side-note...we won the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Circle of Friends category, last night!! We are thoroughly looking forwarding to celebrating, tonight, in your city!! Hope to meet you in person :)

    Elita on behalf The Smiling Mask Team
    ~ Carla O'Reilly, Elita Paterson and Tania Bird

  5. p.s. So pleased to read "anonymous" that your family doctor was able to diagnose you, correctly and quickly. You are now on the road to recovery and bluer skies :)

    Hugs to you!

  6. Thank you and congratulations on your award! See you tonight!

  7. Thank you Laura again for allowing me to be one of your guest's. I am so glad I was able to see the documentary. It really helped me keep in perspective my own journey. Although I am through it, it was and still is and always will be a part of my life. After I found the book The Smiling Mask, I truely knew I was not alone. I could relate to each of Elita, Carla and Tania's stories in various ways and it gave me the strength to search out other ways of gaining back my life. I had a great time meeting you as well and I wish the best for you and your family this Mother's day weekend.-Raylene

  8. Thank you so much Laura for being an amazing ambassador! We loved meeting you and are refreshed by your willness to support mothers with education!
    Carla O'Reilly, on behalf of The Smiling Mask Team!

  9. were also everything and more after meeting you on Friday night! It is our hope that you remain vibrant and giving to your online and offline community :))


  10. You ladies are so inspiring and gracious! Thank you for your kind words, and for all that you are doing to reveal the truth hiding behind the "smiling mask."

    Thank you for having the courage to share your personal moments of dispair in order to promote hope and healing for others!


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