Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

bruised-up baby

We’d better hope baby J doesn’t dial 9-1-1 again today. From the looks of him, they might decide to haul us in this time.

Our little darling has a poofy, bruised eye and a bloody Band-Aid across his cheek. Yes, the hemangioma that caused us issues Tuesday and Wednesday continues to bleed. In fact, there was only one night this week that it did not bleed. The emergency room cauterization did not have the effect we had hoped.

Last night the spot stained his sheets pretty badly again, but we were able to stop the bleeding with a Band-Aid. This morning, it was still oozing blood but appears to have gone down in size overnight. We bandaged it again, even though the ER doc advised us not to because he thought J might pick at it. This is another one of those times I feel I just have to go with my instincts. I have a feeling it will heal better if is covered since he keeps scraping it. We’ll see.

Not only that, but this morning as my husband opened the fridge, J took a nose dive into the crisper drawer and busted his mouth! Blood instantly filled his mouth from a couple cuts on his bottom lip.

So with a fat lip, bruised eye and bloody cheek, you can understand why I’m hiding the phones from J today.

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