nutrition essentials baby cuisine workshop

Nutrition Essentials, a Saskatoon-based professional nutrition consulting business, offers a variety of services to help local parents and children make healthy food choices.

One of its popular services is the Baby Cuisine Workshop. This interactive discussion and cooking demonstration outlines how to make baby food from scratch. The workshop highlights the time, nutrition and cost benefits of making homemade baby foods.

“When compared to jarred baby food, homemade baby food provides more nutrients, is less processed and contains no fillers,” said Ashley Hill, dietician and owner of Nutrition Essentials. “Preparing your own baby food also allows you to offer textures that are just right for baby’s needs and abilities, making the transition to table food less challenging.”

In the past, baby food making workshops were a regular offering from the Saskatoon Health Region. Due to a "redirecting of services," these workshops are only offered to “high-risk” parents in the city.  Nutrition Essentials has stepped in to fill the void and was recommended by a Public Health Services supervisor.

Nutrition Essentials’ next Baby Cuisine Workshop will be held Tuesday, May 25, at 7 p.m. at The Village. Contact Ashley to register, 222-0654.

One lucky follower received free admission to a Nutrition Essentials Baby Cuisine Workshop, valued at $50, on Feb. 12, 2010.